Warranty Information

Individual product will have its own manufacturer warranty period & each product will have its warranty period judged individually, irrespective of if the products were originally ordered in a group.
Invalidation of Warranty
1. Warranty is invalidated if the defect is caused (with intention or no intention) by wear and tear, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, rough handling or abuse.
2. It is invalidated if unauthorised persons carry out any alterations or repairs.
3. If the warranty card has been altered, defaced or erased in any manner whatsoever.
4. Unable to provide us with the original proof of purchase during warranty claim.
5. Product purchased from non-authorised dealers or from overseas (unless applicable international warranty applies).
6. Cosmetic damage (dent, crack, scratch and etc.)
7. Spillage of food/liquids or detection of water / liquid inside the device (Applicable to both non water proof and water proof device).
8. Operating with incorrect or irregular voltage supply.
9. Corrosion, rusting or stains.
10. Improper testing, operation, demonstration, maintenance, installation, adjustment or any alteration or modification of any kind. This includes any sort of unlocking, rooting, jailbreaking and a brick because of flashing firmware or rom.
11. If any part or parts of the unit are replaced with a part or parts not supplied or approved by us
12. Repair or attempted repair by any party other than the authorized service center.
13. Where the product serial has been removed or made illegible or has been tampered with.
14. Use of the product in a commercial environment (become display set, event functions, advertising and etc.)
15. Where any ancillary equipment or 3rd party software causes the problems or damage
16. Infestation by insects or vermin
17. Incomplete or improper installation
18. Use of which is not designed
19. Use with 3rd party battery, charger and cable.
20. Damage due to improper packing during shipment to DirectD for warranty purpose
21. Disasters such as floods, fires, winds, earthquakes or lightning
22. Damage due to foreign material
23. Damage due to exposure to moisture, dampness or extreme thermal environment conditions
24. Various product models have differing specifications, functions, display, appearance and performance, and is not regarded as a defect in the product.

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